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Aims and Objectives

In order to support growth in the longer term whilst also supporting the existing communities, residents and businesses in Suffolk, we need to consider carefully the infrastructure that may be needed.

This project is needed to improve existing journeys, support the local economy, and provide capacity for future growth. By delivering more reliable journeys, additional cycling and walking facilities and a link to new houses and businesses, the project will enhance Suffolk as a great place to do business and an attractive place for people to live.

In 2016 an initial study was undertaken to look at transport conditions across the wider Ipswich area, both now and in the future. This work showed that the road network suffers from frequent and severe delays, constraining growth and reducing productivity. In particular, the work highlighted issues of congestion on the A14, supporting the No More A14 Delays campaign. It also identified problems relating to the Orwell Bridge crossing and traffic in Ipswich, impacting on nationally important assets such as the Port of Felixstowe.

Further work has since been undertaken to assess a wide range of options that could deliver the transport improvements needed for the wider Ipswich area. This work identified a new road as the most effective way to facilitate growth and deliver transport improvements.

This work has helped develop a set of project objectives to guide our work. They are: