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Do we need a new Ipswich Northern Route?

The challenges faced by Suffolk, both in terms of transport capacity and housing growth, have been featured widely in the news since before even the Orwell Bridge was built. Here are some of the local news stories which have appeared over the years and provide some context as to why a new Ipswich northern route is still an option to consider. ·   


Does Ipswich need a northern bypass? Public consultation to be launched into project


Ipswich’s travel problems raised with Transport Secretary    

How many hours has the Orwell Bridge been closed for due to high winds?

Orwell Bridge ‘costs businesses in Ipswich £1million a day’ every time it closes       

EADT and Star says…Serious action needed over frustrating Orwell Bridge closures      

Frustrated drivers hit out over ‘utterly ridiculous’ traffic nightmare       

The winners and the losers in the Suffolk property market game        

Committee backs plan for 2,000 homes to be decided later this year       

Prospect of third Orwell Bridge closure this year sees Ipswich MP make renewed calls for northern bypass


Northern by-pass raised in parliament as traffic chaos hits Ipswich again       

Have your say on how Ipswich will grow over the next two decades        

Ipswich: Could northern by-pass rise from the grave?